External Competitions

We send several delegation to external competitions throughout the year that are aimed at first time speakers, such as the UCD Novice IV, National Maidens, the Cork IV, and Galway. Some are within the city of Dublin and others are in other parts of the island and can be a great place to go with a friend, or meet new people.

We'll arrange travel, accommodation etc so sign up on the sheet outside the committee room in the GMB, in the weekly email, or on the online signup sheet in Hist Freshers 250.

Intervarsity Competitions


Trinity IV

The IV is Trinity’s main intervarsity debating competition and Ireland’s largest weekend debating tournament. The I.V. is generally held on the last weekend in January each year. The format is British Parliamentary and teams from all over the world are invited to attend


Trinity Women’s Open

This competition will takes place the day before the beginning of Trinity IV and is open to all debaters who identify wholly or partially as female.


Trinity Open

The Trinity Open is the largest summer debating competition in Ireland. Usually held in June, it often acts as preparation competition for teams and judges who will be competing in the European Universities Debating Competition at the end of the summer.

Internal Competitions

Internal Pro Am compETition

  • Novices, debaters in their first year of university debating, sign up to speak with an older experienced debater who will show you the ropes.

mary Harney’s Women and Non-Binary Competition

  • Named after the Hist’s first female Auditor, this competition is for self-identifying woman and non-binary and is held during the second semester. Rounds are organised over a number of weeks and a final is held in chamber.

Henry Grattan’s Historical Motions Competition

  • All motions debated in this competition are historical motions, such as “This House, as the Roman Senate, Would Assassinate Julius Caesar”. Similarly to maidens and harneys, this competition held over a number of weeks and a final is held in chamber.