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Relationship with Other Societies

The Hist boasts historic ties with several universities, including Oxford University, Cambridge University, Durham University and Edinburgh University. The members of these societies historically enjoyed the privileges of Honorary Membership of the Hist and members of the Hist were granted reciprocal privileges in these corresponding, kindred societies.

Regretfully, through the passage of time, these reciprocal relationships broke down. In the interest of renewing the historic relationship between our ancient universities, Hist250 provides us with an exciting opportunity to restore the relationship with our kindred societies and to renew the important ties between the ancient universities of Ireland and the UK.

In accordance with our records, debates were regularly conducted between the four respective corresponding societies, hosted by the Hist. We are delighted to announce that in 2019/2020, the Hist will host four inter-varsity debates, with a delegation from Durham and Oxford attending in Michaelmas Term and a delegation from Cambridge and Edinburgh attending in Hilary Term. These debates promise to be a highlight in the college calendar and an exciting aspect of the Hist250 programme of events.

It is our aim that, through renewing these important relationships, members of the Hist will once again be able to enjoy the privileges granted by reciprocal membership of these societies not only during the 250th Session, but indefinitely. Hist250 offers us the exciting opportunity to rebuild these historic connections through shared debate, collaboration, advocacy and the well-tempered exchange of views.

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