Any person wishing to be on the General Committee must stand for election as either an officer or general member of committee. For the General Election of a newly incoming General Committee, nominations for the election must be proposed and seconded at a Private Business Meeting at least one week previous to the last ordinary meeting of the session. This means, in effect, that the annual general election to the General Committee of the following years session must begin one week before the end of Hilary Term. Such nominations must be made by either the nominee or proposer presenting to the record secretary a paper with the name and addition, if any, of the nominee to the record secretary on the night of the nomination.

Candidates must further present to the record secretary a declaration, in writing, of their commitment to follow the rules and regulations of the society. This ought to be in accordance with Form C as expressed in the Schedules of the Laws.

Following nominations, an ESC is constituted at the elections to invigilate and prepare the general election. Notice of this election must be given to all nominees within at least one week prior to the election. The ESC is empowered to also deliver any punishments with regard to removing electors from the ballot, or from any election which it deems appropriate for such punishment to be delivered. It may also request to the General Committee the expulsion of a member from the society.

Elections are conducted by Alternative vote in the case of Officers, and the preferential D’Hondt method in the case of MCs.

The only restrictions on members to stand for election are that no member may stand for two officerships in the same election, nor hold two positions on committee at the same time. Similarly, members must meet the criteria established for each office to be eligible to stand for election to that office.


In the event of resignation, a By-Election may be held at any point over the course of the Session, unless the vacancy is for the position of MC, in which event the General Committee may elect to hold the position vacant.

If the By-Election is held before the sixth ordinary meeting of michelmas term, no Member shall be qualified to vote who was not eligible to vote in the annual elections in the preceding session. By Elections will otherwise follow the course of the annual elections save for laws 9 which does not  need not be followed regarding the place of balloting, and Law 12, which shall not apply and regards to the scrutineering of the ballot.

Rules and requirements

People who have attended at least three debates in the 249th sessions are eligible to vote. An electoral register will be published in the coming days. If you feel you have been left off this list, you may contact the ESC, with proof of your attendance at three debates such as a photo, if you are unable to provide such evidence the ESC will use other means to validate your appeal.

There are certain requirements to be met in order to run for committee. The base requirement is to have a speak. A speak represents a time you have spoken in a Chamber debate, even if it was a floor speech, or it represents a time you made speech at one of the Hist’s Derby of Rhetoric events.

Canvassing is strictly forbidden, this includes acts such as but not limited to, bad mouthing candidates, telling people why you would be a great MC, and so on. It is fine if you are asked "Are you running for MC?" to reply, "Yes I am" or such, but that should not become "Yes I am, because here are my amazing ideas".

The following are the requirements for specific positions:

Auditor - Member for an entire session, attended at least half of the debates in a session, and having spoke at least three times in one session, and have spoken in at least seven times. (To clarify this means you must have gotten at least 3 speaks in one session, and at least 7 overall)

Treasurer - Five speaks

Correspondence Secretary - Five speaks

Record Secretary - Three speaks

Censor - Three speaks

Librarian - Three speaks

Debates Convener - Five speaks and attendance (speaker or judge) at at least four inter-varsities (this includes IVs and Opens)

Events Convener - Three speaks

Senior Member of Committee - One speak

Member of General Committee (MC) - One speak

For More information regarding Hist elections, read our laws.