HIST 250


The Inter-Debate is a competition with pre-prepared motions reminiscent in style to the prestigious Irish Times Public Speaking Competition. We are proud to have speakers arriving from across the world to compete. The Inter-Debate, featuring teams from the best universities from across the world, will be the first major event of the Hist250 Week in March 2020.

Pre-registration for this competition is now open and will close on Friday, Dec. 13th. We invite competitors to fill in the form by clicking the button below.

in the World

As the oldest debating society in the world, the College Historical Society will be celebrating its 250th anniversary in 2020. We are planning a yearlong programme of events and guests to celebrate the achievement. As the society prepares for the anniversary, we extend an open invite to any past members of the society to be involved in the festivities.


If you’re a friend of the hist…






To start the celebrations off, the Hist is inviting back Honourary Members who were awarded a Gold Medal of Oratory over the last fifty years, showcasing these excellent orators in our Week 1 debate.

A tradition that we are reviving this year is renewing relationships with our Corresponding Societies, Oxford Union, Cambridge Union, Edinburgh Union and Durham Union. To promote this relationship, we are hosting four debates throughout the year, bringing over the best debaters from these societies who will debate the best debaters from Trinity.

From the 2nd to the 5th March, the celebrations will culminate in a week-long schedule of events. These events will include:

  • An international Debating Competition

  • A Keynote International Speaker

  • World-class Panels looking towards the Future

    • The Future of Democracy - led by David O’Sullivan, former EU Ambassador to the US

    • The Future of Capitalism - involving by Sir Paul Collier

    • The Future of Environment - led by Mary Robinson, former Irish President and Climate Justice Activist


Long Room Exhibition

For 3 months, an exhibition in the Old Library of Hist manuscripts, treasures and portraits of figures associated with the Society will be ran.

More information on the this exhibition and the other events of the Hist250 will be posted on this page in the near future.