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This House Believes that Freedom is the Enemy of Equality


On the surface, equality and freedom seem like natural benefits. Wars, revolutions, political diatribes, all have been made in the name of these concepts. In the eyes of some, the terms are practically interchangeable.

But is this really the case? Does freedom come at the cost of an equal society? Is liberty for some simply constraints for others? Thatcher, Reagan, Blair - all spoke of freedom as a core constituent of their vision of society, but presided over administrations that were anything but equitable. Law, society’s most powerful tool for leveling the playing field, constrains our freedom by its very existence.

Do we have cause to be so pessimistic? Or is a free and equal society more than the idealistic dream of naive orators?

Join guests from the world of law, philosophy, anthropology and economics, alongside the best student speakers the Hist has to offer, as we try to get to the bottom of our dream of freedom - and its consequences.

The GMB. 7.30 PM. Shout for freedom


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