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This House Support a Sex Strike


Since the dawn of time, men have declared a right to sex. The reach of patriarchy has always extended into the bedroom. Against this, the rights of women have long been overlooked - rights to vote, to work, to choice. Perhaps the best response to this denial is to strike from the very thing that patriarchy has taught men to expect: sex.

Could withholding sex undermine the male claim to superiority, the fundamentals of patriarchy? Or does this only serve to imply that sex is all a woman has to offer, backing up these exact narratives?

In response to restrictions on reproductive rights in Georgia, Alyssa Milano suggested a sex strike. The movement quickly gained popularity. But the idea of a sex strike is millennia old. The concept of withholding sex as a tool of resistance has its foundations in Aristophanes' Lysistrata (411 BC) and has long lingered on the fringes of feminist discourse. This debate puts it centre stage.

This week, the Hist and DUGES ask whether radical solutions can solve radical problems. An all female line-up will assess the strengths and weaknesses of this approach, as we question, at a deep level, whether women should take to the sheets.

19.30, The GMB