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This House Believes that Any Solution to Climate Change Must be Socialist


This is not a drill. As global temperatures climb ever higher, forests burn, and cities are flooded, the devastating effects of the climate crisis can be ignored no longer. Could these disasters have been avoided, or were they the inevitable consequence of capitalist forces? Have we sown the seeds of our own destruction, and is the only way out a total revolution against the very economic system that structures our society? We’ve got 11 years left to live - what should we do in that time?

Join the Hist for one of our most timely and urgent debates yet. Activists from Extinction Rebellion, economists, academics and student speakers alike will debate the way out of one of the biggest crises humanity has ever faced. Will the sixth mass extinction event be avoided through revolution, or evolution? Come to the GMB to find out.

The Hist and TCD Environmental Society Present: THBT Any Solution To Climate Change Must Be Socialist

Wednesday, 7.30 PM. The GMB.

Good luck.