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This House Believes it is Impossible to be Apolitical

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Throughout history our greatest thinkers have grappled with a fundamental question that defines our social, economic, and philosophical discourse: Can we ever truly escape politics?

Marx, Plato, Derrida, all talk of the End of Politics, a “Democracy to come” with no negotiation, no compromise. But are we stuck in the world described by more pessimistic thinkers like Machiavelli, or Hobbes? Is man a political animal? Is the End of Politics nothing more than a fantasy?

As the politics that happens in our parliaments becomes more intense by the day, join the Hist and Polsoc as we ask what happens when you check out of the political - is it worth it, if politics dictates our daily lives? Is it even possible? Watch some of our best student speakers, and guest from the world of party politics, law and activism, try to find out.

The GMB. 7.30PM. Don’t let it bring you down.

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