Formation and Governance


The Society is also assisted in part through a series of subcommittees. The Society may convene any other number of subcommittees which it sees fit. Typically these are convened at the request of the General Committee.

In accordance with the Laws, the Auditor is responsible and allowed to appoint at their discretion the Secretary and Chair of every Sub-Committee, as well as the time in which they are to report. In practice, conventions have developed surrounding the above subcommittees which establish how they are governed as seen by the fact they are taken as standing each year.

A number of committees are mandated by the Laws.

These include

  • Electoral Subcommittee (ESC), responsible for the organisation and invigilation of elections

  • Officers Conduct Subcommittee, responsible for writing the Officers Conduct Report (OCR). This subcommittee, as well as the ESC, draw their mandate from the Laws of the Society

Existing Sub-Committees

Burke SUb-Committee

The Burke Panel Subcommittee is an Ad-Hoc committee selected over the summer of every year. They organise “Derbies of Rhetoric” which are casual speaking events open to all members, and panel discussions a range of interesting topics and in collaboration with other societies.


Corresponding Socities Sub-Committee

This committee is charged with reviving the historic relationships that the Hist has with hte debating societies of Oxford, Cambridge, Burham and Ebinburgh as described in Chapter III, Law 6 of the laws of the College Historical Society.


This committee is working to standardize the procedures and protocols of the Society between internal departments and Communities. This is to ensure transparency and that ordinary members can engage with the Hist’s longstanding traditions.

Outreach Sub-Committee

This committee has a mandate to organise casual and engaging events for new members of the Society and to promote involvement in the Hist’s activities through such.